The recording environment is based on a Pro Tools HD|1 system running on Mac OS. Inputs and outputs are through a 96 I/O. The system is capable of 24-bit/96kHz audio quality. The Mac has two 19 inch monitors. Recordings are stored on FireWire and SCSI drives.

Audio is referenced through Mackie HR824 monitors. Tannoy, JBL, B&W and Auratone reference monitors are also available. The microphone collection includes Audio Technica, Shure, AKG, EV and TOA.

All projects are recorded in either Pro Tools Logic Pro 8.  The Logic environment allows the easiest integration of our extensive sound and symphonic orchestra library while Pro Tools offers a wealth of multitrack digital audio and editing capabilities.  Surround mixing for our DVD projects was accomplished in Pro Tools.

Pepperland offers a wide variety of musical instruments and a versatile musician to accompany your video projects. The vintage keyboards include Moog, Roland D-50.  The modern synths are Kurzweil and a Yamaha Motif ES8.

In addition to the vintage keyboard collection, we have a number of state-of-the-art sound sources. The sample library includes world instruments from East West, symphonic orchestra provided by Vienna Symphonic Library. Alien textures and sharp pointy sounds are available at no extra charge.

The acoustic instrument collection includes a Baldwin studio upright, Ovation and Ibanez guitars.  Our drum collections includes a Djembe, a Thai drum and a cool conga-like drum made in Virginia (it’s called the “Greenie Meanie”). The instrument collection includes a bunch of wacky noise makers, some woodwinds from Thailand and China, a genuine Acme slide whistle and three accordions!  Last but not least is a sweet sounding new mountain dulcimer.

The following equipment is for sale:

  • AKAI S2000 Samplers (2) – 32MB RAM
  • Kawai K3 MIDI synthesizer — subtractive analog synth design using complex digital wave sources in addition to the standard square, sine and sawtooth. The keyboard is semi-weighted.
  • EMU Vintage Keys – 1RU MIDI module
  • Aphex Type C Aural Exciter
  • JLCooper PPS-2 Synchronizer, generate SMPTE and FSK sync tones outputs MIDI time code.
  • Yamaha PA speakers (2 small, 2 large)