Pepperland Recording is a post production sound studio in Northern Virginia specializing in music for film and sound design. A producer-musician-engineer with over 25 years of experience is available.

Music for Film

Carlos Garza is a composer, sound designer and music editor for film and video. He has scored 15 feature films and more than 20 shorts and animations. In 2009, he was awarded the top composing prize in the 2009 Washington, DC 48 Hour Film Project.

He is known for live accompaniment of classic and contemporary silent films in the duo, Silent Orchestra with Rich O’Meara. Together they created a new sound for classic silent films.  Silent Orchestra received critical acclaim for their Dolby surround scores for the Nosferatu (1922) and Salomé (1923) DVDs from Image Entertainment.  Garza has performed accompaniment for classic silent films at the National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Virginia and Savannah Film Festivals and the AFI Silver theater.

His previous experience includes soundtracks for 14 feature films in styles that encompass symphonic, world, jazz, rock/pop and comedy. His compositions have appeared on Turner Classic Movies, two Image Entertainment DVDs, on stage with Washington’s Gross National Product and in the Independent feature film, Thirteen directed by David Williams. his music has also been heard a the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Digital Music Editing

Numerous recordings edited for performing artists and for film/video.  Whether your looking for radio edits, performing arts competition or music cut to fit a moving picture, we can create a seamless version to fit your needs.

Mastering Services

Let us prepare your next CD with our ProTools HD system.  Capabilities include:

  • Professional TDM plug-ins provide smooth compression and limiting
  • Pro plug-ins for multi-band compression and EQ
  • Convolution reverb for the ultimate in room simulation
  • Guitar Amp modelling plug-ins
  • Digital transfer to DAT or CD-R
  • Digital waveform editing   (remove pops or clicks)

Additional Services

Multi-track Digital Recording
Production – A producer will help you find the right sound for your project.
Arranging – An arranger will help you arrange the song for today’s market and create chord charts or lead sheets for other musicians.  Charts can range from simple chord charts to fully notated scores using Finale or Overture.
Musicians (keyboards, vocals m/f, guitar, sax, bass, and drums)